Play Based Education In a Safe,
Nurturing Environment

Our educational philosophy

The entire team at Gan Gani Community Kindergarten is committed to ensuring our children can be themselves in a safe environment whilst receiving a nurturing, play based educational experience.

We welcome each child as an individual with a unique social and cultural background to be acknowledged, respected and treated inclusively.

We acknowledge and pay tribute to our Indigenous elders, past, present and emerging as the traditional custodians of this land on which we meet.

We recognise that each child is a capable and competent learner with their own set of strengths to be nurtured, fostered and extended.

We work to develop trusting, supportive relationships with families to enhance each child’s learning and development.

We value an open, collaborative dialogue with the wider community to build trust, equity and access for all Gan Gani Kindergarten stakeholders.

We celebrate our Jewish cultural and traditional heritage as founded by the Queensland Jewish Kindergarten Association (QJKA), through music, stories and festivals.

We aim to offer a play-based education and emergent curriculum, laying foundations for future wellbeing, learning and growth.

We recognise the varied and extensive knowledge that families bring and welcome children and families as co-contributors to the curriculum.

We believe that all children, families, carers and staff have the right to be in a safe and welcoming environment.

We support children to become aware of and care for their environment, and aim to embed sustainable practice in all aspects of our curriculum, daily practice and policies.

We support children to develop a sense of agency, resilience, self-confidence, empathy and critical thinking within the Early Years Learning Framework of Identity, Connectedness, Well-being, Active Learning and Communicating.

About our play based education 

and educational programs

Starting prep is an important and exciting milestone for your child. Throughout their kindergarten year, your child’s confidence will continually grow and gradually learn a variety of new school-ready skills.

Our days

Gan Gani Community Kindergarten is a single-class kindy catering for 22 children each day. 

We run two groups consisting of two long days and three shorter days each across the week.

We are proud to be the only community kindergarten in the western suburbs who can provide extended hours for your kindy child through our unique partnership with Brisbane Montessori School’s Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) Program.

This partnership allows children attending Gan Gani Kindy to access before and after kindy care and vacation care in Brisbane Montessori School’s specialised 3-6 year old OSHC program.

Brisbane Montessori School’s campus adjoins Gan Gani Kindy which means children are transferred directly between the services by staff, ensuring safe continuous care for your child.

After Kindy Care is available until 6.00pm during term time. Children
attending after kindy care will be transferred from Gan Gani Kindy at
3.45pm and escorted to BMS by 4pm.

Vacation care is available during school holidays from 7:30am – 6:00pm, 5 days per week excluding public holidays.

For bookings or information about OSHC for Gan Gani Kindy children,
please call Brisbane Montessori School directly on 07 3324 0600 and let
them know you are a Gan Gani family, or follow this link.

Learn and play

Our educational program is entirely play based. We draw on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework to inform our best practice in early childhood education and learning. 

Daily programs

Our daily play based education programs include:

Jewish Curriculum

Gan Gani Kindergarten is focused on incorporating a Jewish curriculum in its multicultural program. Our educational curriculum is underscored by the value of the Jewish heritage and cultural traditions of our founding community and Jewish families.

Our cultural traditions are infused in our music, art, stories, cooking and food. We run daily, weekly and annual customs and rituals informed by our faith and heritage.

All of our children experience a spiritually uplifting and nurturing environment where connection to faith, family and community is encouraged.

Bruchim ha’baim l’kulam!

That means: welcome to all!

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Gan Gani community Kindergarten is proud to be developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to strengthen relationships, respect and opportunities in the classroom, around the school and within the community. 

Education for Sustainability

Sustainability is an integral part of who we are and how we operate

 as a community kindergarten. 

By sustainability we mean:

Our relationship with our friends, family and community.

Our relationship with the many other species we share our environment with.

Our relationship to other lands, places and people who will always be with us.




We foster mindfulness in our daily choices at kindy and in the home to encourage understanding of the impact of our decisions.

Our vision

To tread lightly and minimise our footprint on our Earth through sustainable actions and education.

Our goals

for sustainability

To utilise learning opportunities outdoors to encompass all curriculum outcomes.

To support children so they feel empowered to make a difference.

To enhance our children’s ability to critically engage through discussion, projects and hands-on experiences.

Our activities for sustainability