Community kindergarten Brisbane
Fig Tree Pocket

Who we are!

Gan Gani Community Kindergarten is conveniently located in the beautiful and leafy surrounds of the Equestrian Centre of Fig Tree Pocket.

Our unique location offers our children a hands-on experience of a semi-rural, country like outdoor environment with a close knit community feel.

We’re just 20 minutes from the Brisbane CBD which means we’re not too far for parents to drop their special ones off and not too close to be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Gan Gani

The roots of our name

Our name comes from two Hebrew words that encapsulate our community kindergarten. The use of Hebrew, the traditional, cultural and religious language of the Jewish people, is spiritually symbolic and meaningful.

The word “gan” literally means “garden”, while “gani” comes from the same root word but is used to refer to a kindergarten. 

Together, “gan gani” means ‘our kindergarten garden’. 

We couldn’t think of a better name for our little community that reflects so important a concept for us! Could you?

Well equipped play & learning room

Our building contains one play and learning room which is well equipped and easily accessible. Filled with high quality and open ended resources–including books, musical instruments, and arts and crafts materials–there is plenty for our children to do, learn and interact with.

Plus, we have a rotating schedule of special items and features to keep the space exciting and new, including baby chickens and museum artefacts.

Natural outdoor playground

Our playground is designed specifically to encourage safe and natural play. The large space includes:

  • Digging patch
  • Sandpit
  • Fort
  • Swing
  • Cubby house
  • Sound corner
  • Recycled SoundGarden for music-making
  • Construction zone
  • Wide, open spaces
  • Private nooks

This first class outdoor facility offers ample room for imaginative and creative play, while providing physical challenges and mentally stimulating opportunities for investigation.

Integrated ecosystem

Our stunning and beautiful facilities include:

  • Vegetable and bush tucker gardens
  • Worm farm
  • Compost bins
  • Chicken coop
  • Natural bee hives

This rich environment presents Gan Gani children with the unique opportunity to connect with nature and learn about lifecycles, sustainability and the environment.

Plus, we love our lovely chickens! Whether it’s collecting eggs, putting out fresh food or having gentle cuddles, we believe that giving children the opportunity to nurture animals teaches them invaluable lessons about empathy, relationships and nature.