Gan Gani Kindergarten offers children and
their families a lot more than just a kindy

We provide a warm, safe and nurturing community for families from all backgrounds.

Encourage involvement

We encourage and welcome involvement at kindy. Whether it be joining the committee, volunteering at the kindy for a day or even pausing to pick up and share in Challah or admire your child's latest creation.

Feel cherished

We strive to ensure that each and every child in our care feels cherished and nurtured.

Instil awareness

We instil a sense of respect for and awareness of all cultures with an emphasis on our First Nations’ cultures in our children and work closely with Indigenous Educators to embed this in our curriculum.

Ensure diversity

We embrace diversity, welcoming all children and families, their cultures, traditions and backgrounds.

Stay connected

We encourage open, honest and reciprocal communication with families so that kindy is an extension of the home and are active in connecting with community groups.

Seek support

We are supported by a range of affiliates who contribute to the kindy in a variety of ways.  We are incredibly grateful for the support of our community.  If you would like to provide support to the kindy, please contact us to discuss.

James Mackay
MB Head
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Birdie’s Tree is a suite of resources to help families prepare for, cope with and recover from a natural disaster or disruptive event.  Birdie’s Tree particularly helps support mental health and emotional wellbeing for expectant and new parents, babies and young children.

While the stories were originally written for children aged 0 to 4, we are finding they are helping children who have experienced disruptive events, up to at least mid-primary school age.

Most Birdie’s Tree resources are available for free, click on the links or pictures below.   There are flipbooks and animations or videos and the resources are available in many languages.